Capro-X is always excited to hear from people interested in working for us! We currently have two open positions to support our NSF and EPA Phase 2 SBIR projects, outlined below. Please follow the instructions in the job descriptions to apply – we look forward to reviewing your application!

R&D Lead

The R&D Lead will be focused on leading work in our labs in Ithaca, driving new risky research efforts at the bench scale, with opportunities to gain experience operating a local pilot system. A strong candidate should feel comfortable performing: bench-scale bioreactor sampling and maintenance operations; wastewater-type water quality tests; bioreactor mass and mole flow analysis; construction of bespoke bioreactors, hydraulics, and controls; sample prep and analytics on GC, HPLC, spectrophotometer. Our ideal candidate will have hands-on construction and operation of scale-up fermentation equipment; research experience through the entire operations and analysis scope of fermentation studies; clear and effective communication skills; and an ability to multitask across varying and dynamic project demands. Particular attention will be given to applicants with direct experience with “arrested anaerobic digestion (AAD)” or “arrested methanogenesis (AM)” experience. Link to position.

Bioprocess Engineer

The Bioprocess Engineer will predominantly work in the company labs in Ithaca, performing bench-scale bioreactor operations, wastewater-type samples analyses, analytical chemistry and enzymatic assays, and method development. Our ideal candidate will have hands-on and independent wet-lab experience; knowledge of microbial growth practices; comfort with building pumped water systems, basic AC/DC circuits, and light manufacturing; clear and effective communication skills; and an ability to multitask across varying demands. With relevant experience, there is an added opportunity gain experience operating a large-scale demonstration system. Link to position.