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Capro-X is an agritech spin-off from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. We are increasing sustainability in the dairy industry by solving the acid whey waste problem prevalent in Greek yogurt production. Our WheyAway treatment technology uses naturally occurring, non-GMO, microbes to upgrade dairy waste streams into clean water and natural bio-oils.
Greek yogurt's problem

Greek yogurt's problem

The Greek yogurt industry is booming! Over 60 million gallons of Greek yogurt are consumed by the US every year.

The problem? Each cup of Greek yogurt produces more than 3 cups of waste, also known as acid whey.

Whey is a waste

Whey is a waste

Every day, Greek yogurt producers in NY have to deal with 300,000 gallons of acid whey waste. Most of it is trucked around to local farms for feed and fertilizer.

The remainder is sent to wastewater treatment plants – at a significant financial and environmental cost.

Capro-X opportunity

Capro-X opportunity

By treating just 10% of the acid whey produced in NY, Capro-X can yield 500,000 gallons of bio-oil per year.

Our turnkey onsite solution will prevent 10,00 tons of greenhouse gas emissions caused by trucking the waste.

A way with Whey

Our turnkey model allows us to take the full responsibility of operating the WheyAway systems and treating acid whey onsite.

Our WheyAways are easy to install, packaged systems provided through a service contract – customers simply pay per gallon of whey treated, with no up-front costs.

With a Capro-X WheyAway, Greek yogurt producers can focus on what they do best – making Greek yogurt – without the hassle of handling acid whey wastes!

Meet the founders

Capro-X is led by a dedicated team with extensive experience in water treatment, startup commercialization, and process design.

Juan J. Guzman, PhD

CEO, Co-founder

Juan has dedicated his career to commercializing novel biological technologies, ranging from microbial fuel cells, to novel fermentations - approaches that extract value from waste. Juan identified the market opportunity for the WheyAway fermentation while completing his PhD in Biological & Environmental Engineering from Cornell University (2017).

Dr. Largus T. Angenent

Scientific Advisor, Co-founder

Lars is a Humboldt Professor at the University of Tübingen in the area of Environmental Biotechnology. Lars is a world-recognized expert on bioconversions utilizing open microbial communities. Capro-X's underlying fermentation technology is based on research beginning before 2010 from Lars' Cornell University laboratory.

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